Zadina – Pineta di Cesenatico

Zadina is a small holiday resort located north of Cesenatico. Its beach bordering the pinewood is a destination for those who ask for a quiet, relaxing, equipped and easy to reach summer holiday.

The pinewood is the ideal place to make relaxing and relaxing walks away from any danger for children; all the main roads of Zadina end at the entrance of the pine forest, avoiding to create an annoying traffic from the seafront.
Zadina is about two kilometers from Cesenatico and it is connected, as well as by a cycle path, also by an efficient bus line.

Holidays in Cesenatico

A marina on the sea, an ancient village around it, a wide beach where the quiet waves of the Adriatic sea break.

Cesenatico has been able to keep untouched over the years the romantic poetry from the old times of its origin; the two faces of Cesenatico, the modern and well equipped seaside resort and the cosy fishermen’s village live side by side.

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